Along with the Unit Sale there was 4 new missions released in the game. This is the first one, and it is quite simple. All you have to do is visit Steele, 1 of your Allies, and collect 50 red hearts! You’ll be rewarded with 100 oil and 25 gold upon completion.

Along with the Unit Sale there was 4 new missions released in the game. This is the second one, and it’s pretty straight forward. All you have to do is harvest 12 Corn and Pineapple fields, and harvest 12 of your neighbors crops! You’ll be rewarded with an Accuracy II power-up and 25 Aluminum.

Victory Garden Rewards:

+1 Acurancy II +25 Aluminum

If you remember a while back we looked at a possible addition to the game: Gems. We all wondered what they would do, out best guess is that we will be using it in a possible new building/feature called the Trade Port!

Image 60.png

The main way we think that it will work is sort of like the market that is already in the game, but with the possibility of trading one item for another. There are rumors for this is that you will collect gems from a Gem Mine building and then “trade” them for other materials and items. Rumors have it that it will work sort of like the market that is already in the game, but with the possibility of trading one item for another. This seems pretty exciting, so lets keep waiting and see how it will all happen!

Along with the Unit Sale there was 4 new missions released in the game. This is the third one, and it’s pretty straight forward aswell. All you have to do is collect from 14 neighbor’s houses, and then collect 25 copper and 2,500 coins! You’ll be rewarded with 2 Limited Edition Bastille Tanks from the Bastille Event a couple weeks ago and 2 Explosive Ammo II power-ups.

Goal island hut.pngCollect from 14 Neighbor HousesComplete all 3 Goals
Iron Massive Ore.png
Collect 25 Ore (It may change)
Complete all 3 Goals
Image 188.pngGather 2,500 CoinsExplosiveBullet02 96.png 2x Explosive ammo II
Bastille Tank.png 2x Bastille Tank

Along with the Unit Sale there was 4 new missions released in the game. This is the fourth and final one, so lets get to it. All you have to do for this mission is collect 10 approval stamps, place 4 Hammerhead Tanks(available in the barracks after defeating the Graves Girls), and then destroy 5 soldiers using the Hammerhead Tank! You’ll be rewarded with 50 wood and a Limited Edition Tiger Tank from the Black Forest Jubilee Event last week.

Approval Stamp.pngHave 10 Approval StampsComplete all 3 Goals
Goal hammerhead.pngPlace 4 HammerheadsComplete all 3 Goals
Goal enemy soldier.pngDestroy 5 Soldiers with HammerheadsWood-icon.png 50 Wood
Tiger Tank.png 1x Tiger Tank

Watching those drones soar over the Middle East these days will tell you one thing: an army is nothing without technology. We're going to guess that is why Zynga has introduced the Research Labs to Empires & Allies. (Or it just thought a new feature would be cool and interesting--take your pick.)

This brand new feature allows players to upgrade their existing units into forces to be reckoned with. You can probably already image that this will especially come in handy when dealing with low-level units like the Cadet Soldiers.

Research Lab Requirements:

•400 Population
•5,000 Coins
•500 Wood
•25 Iron

The Research Lab is introduced with a Goal that's relatively simple to follow, so we won't bore you with the details. And if your Empire doesn't produce Iron, you'll have to seek out a friend whose Empire does, and pay up. Once built, click on the Research Lab to open a menu that displays every unit you've unlocked. Each unit has to be upgraded separately, and the materials required to access those upgrade are only found through friends, so prepare to bug your buddies ... a lot.

While it does call for plenty of requests (perhaps too many), these upgrades will affect every unit in that class that you own and every unit of that class you build from then on. After acquiring the materials, the available upgrades are presented in a progression tree. You will have two choices to start, but to unlock the strongest upgrades you must pursue every path.

Each upgrade costs a bit of resources like Coins, Oil and, perhaps later on, Wood and Ore as well. These upgrades take time, too, as if you were harvesting a resource or creating a new unit. There are five upgrades in all for each unit, and they only affect units that are idle (and then on) when completed. With upgrades, it'll be even more of a challenge to keep up with the competition, so get to that research on the double.

Tending to crops in FarmVille or building your own real estate empire in Millionaire City sure is relaxing, but sometimes hardcore and casual gamers alike just want to see something blow up. (What can I say? This is America.) In response to growing list of hardcore-skewed military strategy games like Kabam's Kingdoms of Camelot and Backyard Monsters by Kixeye, Zynga and Digital Chocolate have released Empires & Allies and Army Attack, respectively. Both games are shooting (get it?) for the hearts of the same crowd: the casual Facebook gamers. Welcome to the first ever Facebook Game Face-off, where we pit two contending Facebook games against one another for you to decide which reigns victorious once and for all.

Let's break this contest down into the three elements that gamers generally tend to look for in their strategy combat Facebook games. First, of course, is the combat (or blowin' stuff up as we elegantly put it). Next is the city building and resource management. And third is essentially why this genre of games has become so popular: player vs player combat. Ready .... Fight!